Why should I swatch before I buy fabric online?+
At Stylish Fabric, we strive to provide our clients with the most accurate color representation possible. However, even with the great care we take to provide true-to-life color matching, we cannot ensure the accuracy of the colors shown on a computer screen. Color variations beyond our control exist which prevent us from giving a guarantee on the correctness of the colors being viewed. These variations include web color variations, such as differences in browser settings; system-to-system platform color variations; and monitor color variations. Monitor color variations present the most difficulty in providing 100% accuracy. Laptops and LCD screens vary greatly in how they display color. Most LCD screens display color ranges from 16bit(65,536 colors) to true color, which display 16.7 million colors. Older monitors, which display color in flat 8bit(256 colors) are still in circulation and rarely give true-to-life color depiction. These variations make it impossible to give any assurance on color, so it is essential that our clients swatch the fabric before purchasing it over the internet.