Coupons and Promotions

What if my coupon didn't apply?+
  • A) Certain coupons apply to specific fabrics or to a specific Total price. Please check the correct fabric, total amount and/or number or required yardage is in your shopping cart.
  • Check for any restrictions that may apply.
  • If the steps above are correct, please make sure you enter your zip code and State by clicking on your Shopping Cart. After you have entered this information, you will see several shipping quotes/prices. Now, you may enter the discount code.


At StylishFabric we want all of our newsletter subscribers to get the exclusive perks of signing up for our newsletter. Our coupons are strictly for our subscribers and therefore all coupons must be applied during checkout process. We DO NOT apply any coupons over the phone or once an order has been placed. No exceptions. We appreciate your comprehension and your time for signing up to receive our special discounts.